Flying aerobatics


Flying aerobatics Statue lit up at night Lanterns Colorful flowers on display

Seal making eye contact

Animals in the Wild

Seeing animals in the wild engenders a true appreciation for nature and all its wonders

Marsh Hawk hunting-3

Birds in Flight 2

The grace of birds in flight provides a fascinating photography experience

Morning light on Lake Bled

Landscapes – general

Landscapes from around the world

Bee enjoying nectar

Small Creatures

Small creatures play an important role in the balance of life

Abstract patterned light

Abstracts and Patterns

Abstract images change the ordinary to the unusual

Waterfront reflections

Cityscapes and Buildings

The hustle and bustle of cities and their varied architecture make them interesting subjects for photography

White-eared Bulbul at sunset

Bird Portraits

Capturing portrait images of birds in their natural habitat is a challenging and rewarding experience

Delicate color in morning light

Macro Flowers II

Close-up images of flowers reveal an often hidden beauty. We see flowers in ways not seen without the lens

Bridge over the Sarawak River

Cities at Night

The colour and vibrancy of cities at night make a great photographic setting