Bird Portraits

White-eared Bulbul at sunset
Blue iridescent plumage
White-eared Bulbul
White-eared Bulbul nest-building
Young Desert Lark
Eurasian Hoopoe portrait
Juvenile Black-winged Stilt
Egyptian Geese juveniles and mother
Bird reflections at sunset
Bird reflections in calm water at sunset
Egret stretching its wings as the sun sets
Egret attracting mate at sunset
Egret frolicking in the evening sun
Egret caching the setting sun
Egret running across rippled water
Black winged stilt reflection
Windswept pond heron
Black collared dove
Parrakeet - KL Bird Park
Bird portrait
Portrait of a Macaw
Parrot looking curious
Red vented bulbul stretching in late afternoon sun
Egret among the reeds