Tranquil stream

Streams and Waterfalls

Flowing water has a mesmerizing quality. Whether it’s a gently meandering stream, or a raging waterfall, the movement of water makes every second a unique moment in time.

Baby orangutan

Primates in the Wild

Baby orangutan It’s a rare privilege to see primates in their natural habitat, particularly those that are endangered. The efforts of conservation groups around the world should be applauded.

Glaciers at the top of Mt Tasman

Mountain Scenes

Mountains are for meditating. Peace and solitude, fresh air and wonderful light make this environment a dream for photographers.

Flamingo reflections


Flamingo reflections Flamingos are an incredibly graceful wading bird. There are many places in the UAE to observe them, either as migratory ‘wintering-over’ groups or year-round residents.

Mt Maunganui Beach, New Zealand

Beach Scenes

Mt Maunganui Beach, New Zealand Beach scenes differ greatly, from wild, rugged beaches with crashing waves to gorgeous yellow or white sand beaches with turquoise blue sea.

Autumn colours at Lake Taupo


The variety of types, shapes, colors and settings of trees makes them interesting subjects for photography. Whether it’s their leaves or bark close up, or the perspective they give to landscapes, trees always hold a unique fascination.

A stormy sky over Kapiti Island


There is a deep fascination associated with the sea and the movement of waves. Even with a wild, crashing sea, long exposure gives a sense of mystery and majesty to the scene.

Dhow anchored at sunset


Dhows have sailed the coasts throughout the Arab world for centuries, and continue to do so today. Their readily identifiable shape gives them a unmistakable distinctiveness, especially when set against a colourful horizon.

Stunning mountain scene in New Zealand

New Zealand Landscapes

The Mãori name for New Zealand is Aotearoa (‘Land of the Long White Cloud’) – home to landscapes of stunning light and colour.

Little Egret in flight

Birds in Flight

The grace and freedom of birds in flight is captivating – a miracle of nature.